A new MTM Music promo sampler is out! 23 tracks (not full songs - 2 minute clips) of recent and forthcoming MTM releases are featured, including one brand new Dare track off the forthcoming album Beneath The Shining Water.
The sampler track listing is:
1. Dare - Sea Of Roses (Forthcoming Album "Beneath The Shining Water") - Rough Mix
2. Edge Of Forever - Feeding The Fire (Forthcoming Album "Feeding The Fire")
3. TNT - Lonely Nights (Recent Album "My Religion")
4. Crossfade - Loving Eyes (Forthcoming Album "White On Blue")
5. Wicked Sensation - Shining Light (Forthcoming Album "Exceptional")
6. Shylock - Welcome To Illusion (Forthcoming Album "Welcome To Illusion")
7. Street Talk - Astray (Recent Album "Destination")
8. Danny Danzi - Wild & Dangerous (Forthcoming Album "Danziland")
9. Shiva - Crucified (Recent Album "Desert Dreams")
10. Northrup/Shortino - Slave To The Feeling (Forthcoming Album "T.B.A.") - Rough Mix
11. Greenhouze - Highway In The Sun (Forthcoming Album "Greenhouze")
12. Token - Tear Down The Wall (Forthcoming Album "T.B.A.")
13. Seven Wishes - Goes Around, Comes Around (Forthcoming Album "T.B.A.")
MTM Classix - Recent And Upcoming Releases:
14. 707 Mega Force - Mega Force (Forthcoming Album "707 Mega Force")
15. State Of Mind - Up On The Top (Forthcoming Album "Memory Lane")
16. Fate - Losing You (Forthcoming Album "A Matter Of Attitude")
17. Erika - Together We're Lost (Recent Album "Cold Winter Night")
18. Reckless - Back In Town (Recent Album "Reckless")
19. Annica - So Devine (Forthcoming Album "Badly Dreaming")
20. Snake Charmer - She Made Me Fall In Love (Recent Album "Backyard Boogaloo")
21. Raw - Ran Out Of Love (Forthcoming Album "First")
22. Axia - Angela (Recent Album "Axia")
23. Far North - Never Trust A Stranger (Recent Album "What ?!")
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MTM Music are happy to announce a live performance of Dare on July 24th! Darren Wharton and his mates will perform the Deep Impact open air in Munich together with Gotthard, Kingdom Come and others. More details at and
The new album Beneath The Shining Water comes is scheduled for June.

今度こそホントにホント!? - "It's 5150 time..."

News from MTM Music - Darren Wharton talks about progress with the new Dare album:"Hi every one...hope you are all well. As you are probably aware, I had hoped to finish and release the new Dare album Beneath The Shining Water earlier this year...Unfortunately things didn't go as planned! I wasn't happy with some of the songs and basically started to write new material in September. This was a real pain in the "......." but unfortunately that's the way it goes sometimes!!!The good news is that all the songs are now finished and the album is sounding great. I am currently at the mixing stage. We are now looking for a release round about March 2004... (providing there are no more problems). I'd like to wish every one a very merry Christmas...and I'm looking forward to seeing you all again soon on tour. Thanks again for your patience....All the very best my friends & take care......... Darren Wharton, Dare."



cover最初からそんなにあてにしていなかったのだけど、今年夏にはリリース予定だったDAREの新作「BENEATH THE SHINING WATER」は、どうやら今年中には出ない模様。早くても来年のはじめぐらい?いやーやっぱりあてにはならんな。待つことにはもうすっかり慣れっこなんで、しっかりレコーディングして、現時点でハラヒロシ的最愛アルバムである「CALM BEFORE THE STORM」(99点)を超えるぐらいのグレイトでスペシャルなアルバムを仕上げて欲しいもんです。